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Kai’s Spring 2017 Un-Haul!

Having places to put our books is, in fact, a limited thing. Once our living spaces have every single possible surface stacked to the ceiling with our beloved stories, we are faced with the ultimate decision.

Do we throw all of our remaining money on a storage unit/new place to fit more of our babies? Or do we take the plunge, fight every instinct inside of our souls, to go through & decide which ones we sell/donate/recycle?


My Top Favourite Horror Books

You know what some of my favourite books are? Ones that fall under the horror or thriller genre. I can’t get enough of them!! Give me anything dark, creepy, & filled with gore & I’ll prolly love it. Or at least gravitate towards it, even if I dislike it in the end. Because this is… Continue reading My Top Favourite Horror Books


My 2016 Japan Trip; Photo Post! (part 1)

Almost a year ago, my husband & I took our second trip to Japan. It was a very spur of the moment sort of trip, planned about a month or so in advance. It was a trip that, overall, was very bittersweet. It was an amazing vacation, but we were only able to go because… Continue reading My 2016 Japan Trip; Photo Post! (part 1)

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Do You Even Book Jump?

Hello, friends; allow me to introduce myself! I am Kai & I am a professional book jumper! What is a book jumper, you may ask? Well, for me, it’s an individual who does exactly that: jumps from book to book. This can occur for many reasons! The individual is in a slump & is changing… Continue reading Do You Even Book Jump?


It’s Been a Year (kind of)

Apparently, it has been a year since I registered this blog with WordPress. Has it really been a year?! According to WP it certainly has! How time flies, huh? I am honestly a little shocked. I mean, I knew it was coming up, but to actually hit the year mark. Wow! [Now, my actual first… Continue reading It’s Been a Year (kind of)

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Tattoos & Books Tag!

Two of my favourite things ever are books & tattoos. While trying to think of some content I could do this month, I went & did a net search and came across this tag game involving both of those things! Originally created by TheBookBrood over on YouTube, I am excited to take it for my own… Continue reading Tattoos & Books Tag!

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You & The Tag Don’t Mesh: A Discussion

I don’t know about you all, but sometimes I think of a tag game idea that I’d love to do so I do a quick internet search to see if it’s been thought of & done before. It just about always has been. Every time. My creativity is lacking, it seems. But that’s okay. Now I… Continue reading You & The Tag Don’t Mesh: A Discussion