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The Taylor Swift Book Tag

I’m sure at least a few of you knew this would be coming eventually. Just had to get my head back in the game. I know there are tag games I was tagged in like…a year ago, but why do those, right? This one has been around a while & with a 6th album almost… Continue reading The Taylor Swift Book Tag

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Tattoos & Books Tag!

Two of my favourite things ever are books & tattoos. While trying to think of some content I could do this month, I went & did a net search and came across this tag game involving both of those things! Originally created by TheBookBrood over on YouTube, I am excited to take it for my own… Continue reading Tattoos & Books Tag!

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You & The Tag Don’t Mesh: A Discussion

I don’t know about you all, but sometimes I think of a tag game idea that I’d love to do so I do a quick internet search to see if it’s been thought of & done before. It just about always has been. Every time. My creativity is lacking, it seems. But that’s okay. Now I… Continue reading You & The Tag Don’t Mesh: A Discussion

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Winter Wonderland Book Tag

I was watching booktube last night & this particular tag game came up. I then logged on to WP & noticed that Milou @ Simply A Book Drunkard ALSO did this game today so it seemed like destiny. I decided to give it a go myself! This one was created over on booktube by JackEatsLife a couple years ago… Continue reading Winter Wonderland Book Tag

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This or That Book Tag

Let me take you back in time to March 2016. It’s kind of Spring, mostly still cold, & my blog has been active for only about a month. A baby, if you will. It was at this time that Cátia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much tagged me in a book tag game. It looked fun. I… Continue reading This or That Book Tag

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The Jingle Bell Book Tag

I am so behind on everything, especially tags! So what is the best course of action? Obviously skipping all the oldest tags & jumping right to the most recent!! This is the Jingle Bell Book Tag! (created by Richard @ The Humpo Show) The holidays are upon us, as I’m sure we are all well aware… Continue reading The Jingle Bell Book Tag

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Halloween Readathon // 2016~!!

Now, usually, I don’t really do Readathons. I love the idea, but the execution? I suck at that. I’m very easily distracted & don’t even make a dent in one book, let alone many, so I usually avoid readathons. BUT NOT THIS TIME!!! Lauren over at Wonderless Reviews has not only set up a Readathon… Continue reading Halloween Readathon // 2016~!!