Blog Change Announcement

I’m not sure at all how to start this, so I’m just gonna jump right in.

I’ve been trying really hard to get motivated. To read, to blog regularly, to do basically anything other than sleep, work, & watch netflix. It has been difficult to balance life & the hobbies I really love & want to be doing.

Something needs to change. So I’ve decided to start with this blog.

I really want to be posting at least once a week, but as a reader who only occasionally knows how to put thoughts to reviews or tags or anything book related, it’s kind of tough finding the motivation to actually type anything up.

So this is where the announcement happens;

I know this will lose me followers and, even though I’m not really prepared for that, I do understand. Because I’ve decided to adjust the content. From now on, this will not be a book only blog. I will not be restricting myself to only one part of my heart.

From now on, I will be adding posts about video games and movies/shows I enjoy (or even hate). Maybe even other things! Who knows. I do know that I want this blog to ultimately be for me; a place I enjoy going to to gush about the things I love or rant about the things I don’t so much.

There will still be book posts & I will post links to those specific blog posts to my book-twitter account feed if anybody is still interested in being a part of this blog but isn’t interested in the non-book things. You can have the option to just follow my twitter at @bibliokittykai for the post link & go from there! Or you can unfollow completely or whatever is best for you.

I don’t expect everyone (or really anyone) to stay once I really start going for a more broad geeky style blog, but I would still love to share with you all.

It figures that the person who doesn’t know how to start a blog post wouldn’t know how to end it either. But here we are!

I’m trying to get more motivated in life, & I’m hoping that loosening the reins on myself with my blog could be a step in the right direction. I love talking about books, but I always feel so inadequate. I just want to try something different & find my own little corner of the blogosphere.

It’s not exactly new.
It’s not exactly unique or special.
But it’s my own.
And isn’t that what really matters?


3 thoughts on “Blog Change Announcement

  1. I will still follow. I think it sounds exciting cause our lives aren’t just based around books and reading. There’s so much more and I for one can’t wait to read about your geeky life happenings; as little or as much content as that might be 💜


  2. This is a great announcement Kai! I’m so excited to read your thoughts about things other than books. 🙂 It’ll probably also be easier for you to blog as you’ll be writing about more than just one thing you really enjoy 😀

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    1. omg thank you so much! i havent gotten a chance to actually write up any blog posts yet, but since I announced on twitter that i was going to be switching gears, the response has been so much more positive than I thought it would be. yall make me feel so loved & supported, thank you!!! ♡♡♡♡

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