Let’s Talk About Book Tropes!

We all have it. A favourite trope. A trope we despise. And today, I would like to talk about this exact thing! Not going to lie, I spent quite a bit of time googling trope lists to figure out what I’m cool & not ok with. There are just SO MANY to choose from, you know?


Let’s talk about my absolute favourite, & most hated, book tropes!

Tropes I Love

Enemies to Lovers
There is nothing like a book where two characters absolutely HATE each other but then, over the course of the story, end up falling in love. This is one of my absolute favourite things. I do not, however, like the opposite. It makes me sad.
Unexpected Powers
I LOVE stories of characters who start off all “normal” then discover that they actually have these super cool powers they never knew about! I grew up on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and always hoped I’d, one day, hit a certain age and POOF! I’d have these amazing magic powers and it’d be rad af but that didn’t happen so….GIMME ALL THE BOOKS ABOUT THIS EXACT THING THANK YOU
The Chosen One
Yea, this one is overused. Yes, it’s not always good. But boy oh boy, do I like me a good “you’re the only hope this world has” story. Not every time, but quite often. I do.
Love Triangles
WHEN DONE WELL I am a fan of love triangles. Who will they pick? This person? THAT PERSON?? Oh boy, will we ever even know.
Unreliable Narrator
IS this a trope? I don’t know but I WILL tell you that I fucking love me an unreliable narrator. Especially in thriller/horror novels. Like, yes please. Destroy my mind. DO IT!!!

Tropes I Hate

Love Cures All
Nothing like a character with mental illness getting instantly better because they found the love of their life. Because THAT’S realistic…. It’s not. Stop doing this. Not even in fantasy does this work. NOPE! BYE.
You’re Not Who You Think You Are
The amount of times this is used in horror is almost constantly & I am just so over it. SOMETIMES it’s done extremely well & I’ll be into it, but 95% of the time, it’s a no from me.
Yea, you all know what this is. Do I even need to explain?
Deus Ex Machina
This literally means God from the Machine and here’s the official meaning (from Wikipedia); a plot device where a seemingly unsolvable problem in a story is suddenly and abruptly resolved by an unexpected and seemingly unlikely occurrence, typically to the point of being perceived as a contrived plot point. Yea I generally hate this shit & it usually comes across as lazy to me. I just…I can’t.
Love Triangles
Look, I have a love/hate relationship with this trope, ok? It can be fun but it can also be annoying as all hell. It’s definitely dependent on the story/writing. I’m not sorry!!

We all have tropes we love & hate.
These were mine!
But what are yours?
Are there ones we agree on?
Lemme know!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Book Tropes!

  1. I have a guilty pleasure with love triangles as well. I love all of the drama over who they’ll pick and I get way too excited when they pick whoever I’ve been rooting for the whole time. Of course, they also really piss me off when they pick the other person. Haha!

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  2. I love love triangles (of course I love them more when they end up how I wanted them to!). However, NOT if they’re dragged on in multiple books.
    I’m down for the love cures all but ONLY if it’s well written. If mental illness is involved, love curing the illness just doesn’t work. But, when love developes anyway……💖

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