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Halloween Readathon Wrap-Up!

Looks like it’s officially November, huh? October went by way too fast, in my opinion! This also means that the Halloween Readathon that was hosted by the wonderful Lauren over at Wonderless Reviews is also over. So I guess it’s time to do a little wrap-up.

I went in with the best intentions, as I often do, & I didn’t do as well with this readathon as I had last year. But I still completed a couple challenges which I’m completely sure is better than nothing! Definitely better than the last readathon I attempted. I am just not great at reading right now, who knows why! Hopefully it gets better once my personal life calms down.

Let’s break it down:

Challenge: Urban Legends
Read a thriller/horror book

Read:  There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins
Rating:  3/5 Stars

Challenge: Scary Movie
Watch a thriller/horror film

The Babysitter – 1/5 Stars
1922 – 2/5 Stars
The Devil’s Dolls – 2/5 Stars
Havenhurst – 3/5 Stars
The Charnel House – 4/5 Stars
Sleepy Hollow – 5/5
Demonic – 3/5 Stars
He Never Died – 3.5/5 Stars
The Craft – 5/5 Stars

*note: all these movies were watched on Netflix & might still be available if you want to watch any yourself!!*

Challenge: Witching Hour
Read a book after sunset

StartedHaunted Austin by Jeanine Plumer
Read:  72/110 pages

Challenge: Costume Party
Read a book with a creepy cover

Started:  Slasher Girls & Monster Boys compiled by April Geneveive Tucholke
Read:  132/185 pages [3 Stories]

Story 1:  The Birds of Azalea Street by Nova Ren Suma
Rating:  3/5 Stars

Story 2:  In The Forest Dark & Deep by Carrie Ryan
Rating:  5/5 Stars

Story 3:  Verse Chorus Verse by Leigh Bardugo
Rating:  4/5 Stars

I know it’s not much, but I still enjoyed myself & I got more reading done than I had in a while so that’s rad! I’m sad October & the readathon is over, but there’s always next year! I think I did pretty good for someone who hasn’t been reading much lately. Good for me! hahaaaaa

Did you guys hit your goals for the month? What was your favourite read? Mine so far were the second & third short stories in Slasher Girls. They are JUST SO GOOD! I’m in the middle of the fourth story & so far that one is also amazing. Hopefully the end holds up to the beginning. I guess we’ll see!!

Happy November, everyone!


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