My Top Taylor Songs/Videos

What up, guys?! Tonight, Saturday, the 29th of September, 2018, I am seeing Taylor Swift live in Houston for her Reputation Stadium Tour with my mom! And I thought that this would be a great opportunity to rundown my favourite songs & music videos from each of her albums from the last like…12 years?! Wow time flies.

(Last year, I did a Taylor Swift book tag to celebrate the release of Reputation. Feel free to check that out while you’re around, by clicking over here~> The Taylor Swift Book Tag!)

Taylor Swift – 2006

Fave Song; Should’ve Said No
Fave Video; Our Song

Fearless – 2008

Fave Song; The Other Side of the Door
Fave Video; Love Story

Speak Now – 2010

Fave Song; Sparks Fly
Fave Video; The Story of Us

Red – 2012

Fave Song; Holy Ground
Fave Video; We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

1989 – 2014

Fave Song; You Are In Love
Fave Video; Out of the Woods

Reputation – 2017

Fave Song; Delicate
Fave Video; Hard choice but it’s between two:

End Game & Delicate (specifically the Vertical version, but the regular one makes me so happy okay)

Look this is the FIRST TIME EVER that my favourite TS song from any of her albums has gotten a video. When she announced it was gonna be a single I literally started crying ok. Delicate, guys. It has my heart so I’m having a hard time here I’m sorry.


Do you guys have any faves?
Have you gotten to see Taylor on her Rep tour, yourself?
Any of her other tours?
Let’s fan out about this.


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