Another Tattoo, Kai??

Why yes. Yes I did.

I got my 6th tattoo today, & this one is a little different than my others. It means something a little different to me.

At the end of September 2015, my grandmother passed away after a long hard fight with cancer. And it destroyed me. I found out through a Facebook post a relative put up, causing even more pain than it already would have. It was a really difficult time for me & threw me off track.

There’s this empty place in my heart that’ll always be there, now. But I got a little mended today with the help of my favourite tattoo artist, Jeremiah J.

This piece is dedicated to my grandmother. An insanely beautiful, talented, caring soul that will forever be so very very missed. She loved knitting (her blankets are the best), painting, & everything new age-y. So I got something I felt she would love if she were still with us. Every element representing, to me, her & our relationship.


I know I was a hard person to live with as a teenager, but you were always there for me. You loved me even when i was being the worst version of myself. You were always so accepting of me. And for that, I am extremely thankful.

Grandma Dorothy, I miss you so insanely much. But I am so glad you’re no longer in pain…


13 thoughts on “Another Tattoo, Kai??

  1. What a sweet sweet message.. and yes ur grandmother would be and is so very proud of you. She loved you unconditionally ..what a wonderful tribute to her…
    Luv you
    Aunt Tina

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