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The Martian Review

18007564My Rating:  4.5/5 Stars
About:  The Martian
Written by:  Andy Weir

My Review:  The Martian by Andy Weir has been RAVED about since it was released on the scene wayyyy back in the year 2014, after taking around 4 years to be written. Oh so long ago. It spawned an AMAZING movie featuring Matt Damon as the ridiculously likeable Mark Watney, back in the dark days of 2015. Remember those times? Feels like only yesterday….

Seriously, this book (and its movie) has gotten the most hype I have ever seen for something with so much damn science & math in it. It was that response that made me super interested to look it up. Then I saw what it was about.

An astronaut stuck on Mars, fighting for survival as NASA tries to figure out how to get him home? I don’t usually go for SciFi or anything but….


I got the opportunity to listen to the audiobook version and, let me tell you, I am so glad I did. First of all, the narrator is awesome. Secondly, if I had had to actually read all that science jargon, my brain would’ve exploded. You can tell that Weir put a TON of work into research to be as absolutely accurate as possible with The Martian, but that doesn’t make me any smarter than I am already. Since I’m not big on the maths or down with the lingo, I would have had a difficult time getting through it myself. But having someone else reading it to me worked out very well! Highly recommended if that part of the book turns you off a bit.

The humour in this book is fantastic. Watney is so sarcastic & witty & it is so entertaining. He’s gotta be the best character ever, right? Pretty sure. I laughed out loud soooo many times. The writing is pretty damn near perfect. Weir knows how to weave a scene, let me tell you. Amazing. You honestly feel for this fictional guy trapped on a planet all alone. Struggling just to survive, bad thing after bad thing trying to take him out.

The other characters here were so varied & well written, I loved it. I think Mindy was my second favourite person. She starts off so shy but, as the story progresses, she comes into her own & it’s so wonderful to see. Her & Venkat have some great moments together.

There was so much tension in this book. All these awful things happen throughout, and I couldn’t help but feel worried every time. There were many moments where you feel the feels, guys. When Lewis finds out Watney is alive on Mars? Her reaction BROKE MY FUCKING HEART & I ABOUT CRIED. Seriously. Right at work. Almost cried. I loved it.

I could go on & on about this book for forever. I really could. It was THAT GOOD. Seriously, all I can really say is you HAVE to read it. If the math/science scares you, do what I did & get your hands on the audiobook.

You won’t regret it.

The movie was also amazing. Y’all should watch that too.


7 thoughts on “The Martian Review

  1. I started reading The Martian ages ago and I was really enjoying it (Watney’s sarcasm is everything) but then life and my reading slump got in the way so I put it on hold. Reading this makes me even more excited to pick it up again! I also LOVED the movie. I’ll always try and read the book first, but I couldn’t resist with this one haha.

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    1. I did the same thing. We saw it opening weekend & I loved it. Then my friend gave me the audiobook. I’ve stopped trying to read books before movies. I’ve also been getting better at keeping movies/shows separate from their book inspirations. It’s so much more relaxing now XD

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