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Demonglass Review

8428064My Rating:  4/5 Stars
About:  Demonglass
Written by:  Rachel Hawkins

My Review:  Demonglass is the second book in the Hex Hall trilogy. It follows Sophie as she leaves Hecate Hall for London to deal with the aftermath of what went down in the first book. Controlling her powers, that love interest, The Eye. I’d go into more detail, but I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t read Hex Hall yet.

And if you haven’t, maybe you should!

Do you enjoy schools of witches, faeries, & vampires? Do you like bad boys & strange happenings? I suggest you check it out! It’s a fave of mine.

Demonglass flows much like how Hex Hall does. Not too long, full of action, easy to get lost in. It took me a minute to fully engross myself in the novel, but that was not the fault of the book itself. I’ve had a rough time focusing on reading in March, & Demonglass just happened to be collateral damage. I’M SO SORRY, Y’ALL!

I’m going to admit it right now, there are the hintings of a love triangle in this one, & though I’m not exactly a fan of that trope in YA (it’s just everywhere, blah) it felt more like an afterthought here & not like….a REAL love triangle. But, if it were, I would so be team bad-boy Archer Cross. That warlock is the greatest. I loved him in Hex Hall, I adore him in Demonglass, even if he isn’t in the book that much. Sophie, pick Archer.


Overall, the plot is preeeetty easy to figure out before all is revealed. I kind of had an inkling something was up within the first chapter or so of Sophie arriving in London, & it turned out that those feelings were pretty spot on. But that did NOT ruin the book for me. There were a couple things I didn’t quite see coming, & the way it ended definitely left questions.

I am not going to give anything away, but it ended in what felt like a pretty climactic moment & I was not prepared for that to be it. I was caught so off guard I threw my kindle across the couch.


I am very lucky that I already have the third book on my kindle. But, unfortunately, I have other books that are gonna come first. I waited more than a year after the first to read the second so I’m pretty sure a month before I read the third won’t kill me.

So, anyway:
If you liked Hex Hall, I don’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy Demonglass. I really liked reading about Sophie learning to control her magic & every scene with Archer. I love the characters, I’m really enjoying the storyline, & I can’t wait to see how things turn out in the end of the trilogy. It’s a little predictable, but I still really loved it. I can’t wait to read Spell Bound in the future!!


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