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Top 5 Video Game YouTube Channels!

A title that is straight and to the point. I present to you, as my first post after my decision to change up content; Five of my favourite gaming YouTube channels!

From gaming news to theories to let’s play videos, these are the channels I have been watching for a while now. These are the ones I binge on breaks at work, when I don’t feel good, when I need good gaming content.

These aren’t in any particular order, but I love each & every one of these. I hope you like them too!

Let’s Go~

5) The Game Theorists

MatPat & Austin & everyone else involved in this channel make some of the most fun & entertaining & interesting gaming videos on the internet.

We’ve got the science behind how games & their worlds work, theories about what’s really going on in games like Five Nights at Freddy’s & Petscop, & the science behind Minecraft!

There’s yelling & jokes & fun graphics & I can’t see how someone WOULDN’T enjoy this channel. MatPat & his wife Steph even have a spin-off channel called GTLive where they do livestreams of games & interact with fans! It’s a lot of fun.

4) John Wolfe

My favourite horror game let’s player.

He’s funny without being real IN YOUR FACE about it. He’s chill & smart with how he approaches games & interprets their stories. He does a lot of indie games, but will delve into the big ones if he’s interested.

The horror game genre is very hit or miss & too often there’s quite a lack of content available, but he is for sure one of the best guys out there.

3) JackSepticEye & Markiplier

A two-for!!! They’re friends anyway, so I’m sure it’s fine that I put them in one number. Also this is cheating? But it’s my blog so I DO WHAT I WANT! HAHAAAAAA


I found both of them through different horror game let’s plays, & I’ve been in love ever since. They’re both loud & over the top & really sweet guys who just make my day that much brighter when they’ve posted.

Only real difference between the two is SepticEye (Sean) is Irish while Marki (Mark) is American (from Ohio…ew lol). They’ve done a couple things together, but mostly do their own thing. They’re similar enough that if you enjoy one’s content, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the others, but different enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re just watching the same thing over & over again.

There’s even fan-done animated versions of both their videos & they both have playlists on their channels where these versions are featured! Definitely worth a check. They’re so great.

2) Outside Xbox/Outside Xtra

Sister channels based in the UK, this is one of my absolute favourite gaming channels with a partial focus on the list format & gameplay videos. I say this a lot, but just like everyone else here, they are a lot of fun with great people hosting each episode.

You want E3 coverage update? They got it.
You want 7 Games with achievements impossible to get? They got that!
You want random videos where they question each other on the Resident Evil series to see who knows more? Oh yea, they definitely have that.

1) Many a True Nerd

I found this channel like a LOT of others found it.

When Jon did his Kill Everything run of Fallout 3. Where he, you guessed it, killed EVERYONE (he could) in the game.

He’s done many of these types of runs since this (in Fallout New Vegas) and plays a lot of different genres of games (not much horror, like the others, but some) and has even done some board game videos!

I love binge-watching his channel, as the videos can be a little on the long side, and they’re great. Jon’s funny & detail oriented & good at explaining his choices during gameplay & gives really good insights into the story. The kill-everything run is still my absolute favourite, but all the videos are gold. Highly recommended.

If you were interested in throwing on some gaming videos to watch while you do anything or nothing at all, I would highly recommend any one of these!

I know they won’t each be for everyone, but they are definitely for me. They’re fun & entertaining in their own way & I just can’t get enough!

Do you have any YouTube Gamers that you enjoy?
Any you think I should watch that I didn’t mention?
Suggest away!

I love finding new YouTubers.
Look out for my next Top 5 when I go over BookTube!
That’s gonna be fun, too.


5 thoughts on “Top 5 Video Game YouTube Channels!

  1. Absolutely loved this post, will definitely give these a look, love manyatruenerd: he keeps me sane when I’m stuck in work doing something super boring.

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  2. Love this post! Thank you for putting the YouTube link on it so I could jump right to it. I’ve subscribed to a couple of these to watch at work! You might like Game Grumps too (sorry…I dont know how to get the link here!). They’re fun to watch too. You already know I’m a fan of Mark and Jack so now I should be all set

    Liked by 1 person

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