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#TheReadingQuest & Why I’m Calling It Now

The time is almost upon us, friends! The end of the month-long reading challenge; The Reading Quest! Its official end date is in a few days, Sunday September 10th. But unfortunately, I have to end my participation early. I’m calling it now.

I absolutely hate that I feel the need to do this. I started the challenge super excited & ready to jump on in & read!! I was counting down the days, hours, minutes, til it started in my timezone. I was refreshing twitter, checking the tag. Looking at everyone’s tbr’s & cultivating my own.

I was ready.

But then the time came & it did not come at a good time, it turns out. The same time The Reading Quest started I was hit with an extreme insomnia episode that was triggered by an after work, 6 hour drive to a friends place for a couple days to welcome them to the state of Texas (they’re officially moving down in November). I planned on sleeping in the car, but it never happened. Then sleep continued to not happen for most of that week. Which left me unable to properly read much of anything. And it sucks.

Since then my sleep has been up & down & I’ve been back in a slump. Many books have been started, one even almost got completely read! Almost. It still currently sits at about 75% read since the first week the Quest started. I was trying to stay optimistic as I still seemed to have plenty of time, but with only a few days left I have to be honest with myself: This is a failed mission & I just have to hop out early.

I really did try. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out. And pushing yourself into something you’re just not feeling isn’t necessarily the best course of action.

I may not have succeeded, I may not have completed a single part of the challenge, but I did try. I read some & gained at least a little health. At least there’s that. So here are my personal final stats for The Reading Quest. Sorry it didn’t go too well. I hope you all are having a much better time than I have.

Maybe the next one will go smoother! One can hope!!!

Class:  Knight
Level:  1
XP:  10
HP:  50

Pages Read:  395/1415
Books Finished:  0/5
Challenges Completed:  0/5

I’m going to see if MAYBE I can read a little more of the books I started over the weekend but I have a lot of things happening so I’m not getting my hopes up too high. But you never know!!

How are y’all doing with your own challenges?
Lemme know!
Fingers crossed you’ve done better than me! ❤


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