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Tattoos & Books Tag!

Two of my favourite things ever are books & tattoos. While trying to think of some content I could do this month, I went & did a net search and came across this tag game involving both of those things!

Originally created by TheBookBrood over on YouTube, I am excited to take it for my own written book blog! Check out their channel; they’re a smaller, newish, booktube channel & 2 wonderful people from what I can tell. Give em some love & watch the original Tattoos & Books tag video right here~

1. How many Tattoos do you have?

I am currently at 11 tattoos! And I most certainly plan on many, many more. There’s still plenty of skin left. Might as well fill it with art!

2. Do you have any book related tattoos?

I currently have one bookish tattoo. It’s a stack of books with a raven perched on them & blown out candles to balance it out. It’s all in black ink & shaded with dot work. It’s 100% connected to my love of, not only books, but the occult & ravens as well. Just a stack of books seemed like it wouldn’t be enough so I decided to have a raven perched on top & my artist (the amazing Jeremiah Jaroch in Ann Arbor, Michigan) added the candles for a little flair. And I am so glad that he did. I love it.

3. How old were you when you first got into reading/First Tattoo?

24337I am my mother’s daughter. She’s the one who instilled a love of reading in me at a young age. However, from what I can actually remember, the moment that really cemented the love of reading in me was in the 3rd grade when my teacher gave me a copy of Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. I adore that book & it was the one that absolutely made me a bibliophile.

My first tattoo, however, was not received quite so young. It was 2013 & I had just turned 25. I had actually gone with Megan @ Pitch Black Sky! It was her second, a quote from a poem she loves, I believe. It was exciting & terrified & I still love my tattoo to this day.

4. What is the longest book you have read/Longest sitting for a tattoo?

I think the longest book I’ve read would prolly be It by Stephen King. That book is pretty massive, to be honest. Especially in it’s paperback format!

My most recent thigh piece actually took 2 entire sessions to complete. Each session was about 6 hours; first was the line work, second was all the colour work. I have 2 other pieces that took about the same 5/6 hours to complete, but those were only one session each. So I’m really gonna go with that cat skull thigh piece. Worth every minute though. I mean….Just look at it! 😀

13428374_10208685944122708_7865701886995638167_n 13495339_10208802207789227_2950797085997304888_n

5. Current favourite book & tattoo?

Anyone who has followed me for more than a minute should know the answer to current fave book. yea? Cause it’s a tie between Crooked Kingdom & The Raven King. DUH!

And my fave tattoo is actually a tie between my ADORABLE Umbreon & my witchcraft leg piece. It’s hard not to love them all though. I love the work my tattooer does.

6. Favourite style of tattoo & genre of book?

I LOVE black/dot work tattoos. So so much. I adore the dark lines & edginess that they seem to emanate. I do love colour tattoos though, especially water colour style. It’s just such a cool way to do tattoos. No black, just bright colours & flowing movement. So gorgeous.

My favourite book genre has to be horror/psychological thrillers. I love being creeped out or made uncomfortable with these types of novels. There’s just something so satisfying about them!

7. Aren’t you worried about how those will look when you’re 60?
Why do you always have your nose in a book/What are you sick of reading?

When I’m 60, I’ll prolly be all wrinkly & weird looking regardless, might as well have something fancy on my skin! Maybe I’ll look like a cool old person that all the kids wanna be when they grow up. Old people goals!

I think books are a way of me to escape into a world & a person that is not my own or myself. They help calm me & I enjoy them immensely. I love losing myself in a story. But I’m not sure there’s anything I’m really sick of reading, tbh. At least, nothing that comes to mind right now. I’m sure there’s something I don’t like, but I can NOT think of anything right this second!

8. How has tattooing & booktube/clubs affected you?

I have never been as confidant or accepting of myself as I am since getting tattooed. I’ve been struggling with my weight for YEARS. It wasn’t until I started getting my legs tattooed that I even owned shorts for hot weather. I am forever indebted to the tattoo world for bringing me out of my insecurities. I have a long way to go, but I’m in the right direction.

Book blogging has introduced me to a lot of wonderful people. Even before I started posting myself, my exposure to different types of literature has EXPLODED since I found book blogs & booktube. It’s fantastic & I love you all!

9. Any advice to newbies of booktube/tattoos?

We are gonna amend that to book blogging instead of booktube since I am very clearly NOT a booktuber at all! Now, I’m still trying to figure things out myself, but my one bit advice that I 100% believe in is this: Do it for YOU. Because, ultimately, if you’re creating for others & not yourself, you’ll learn to resent the work you do. But if you do it for yourself, your enjoyment will show in your posts & people will flock to you.

My best piece of tattoo advice that I can give to anyone for their first time is RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH. Figure out what you want, think on it for at least a day or two if not longer, find many different artists either online or in person. Find someone whose style & personality meshes well with you & what you want. When you’ve narrowed it down to a couple faves, schedule a consultation with those artists. Don’t just go where your friends go or the closest shop if you’re unsure of them or their work. DO NOT SETTLE. It’s permanent, it should be something you adore looking at.

And always be prepared to pay. Because you get what you pay for, and a cheap tattoo will more than likely be just that; cheap.

How about you guys?
Any tattoos?
Interested in this tag game?
I tag anyone interested to play & let me know when your post goes live!
I’d love to know how many of y’all are as obsessed with tattoos as we all are with books.


{My tattoo collection just keeps on growing}


14 thoughts on “Tattoos & Books Tag!

  1. This tag looks so fun! Awesome tattoos too! I have six tattoos, but they are small ones. I really want a bookish one though! And I kind of want a half sleeve on my left arm.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve always wanted tattoos but I’m not sure what to get and I don’t want to be stuck with something I don’t like for the rest of my life! 😮 Any such tattoo regrets you have?
        Eevee is the coolest pokemon! It evolves into different types depending on where it is! That’s so cool 😀 My favourite was always Piplup cos it was my first ever starter in a Pokemon game 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s why research can be so important, honestly. I don’t have any regrets just yet! I think it helps that it took me a while to actually start getting tattoos & at least half the ones I have are ones I’ve wanted for a few years before. And I found an artist who’s work is breathtaking for me & I adore art. So so far so good XD

        My first starter was charmander. I remember when pokemon first came on TV & my brother & I got all the cards & saw the movies & watched the show…We had all the games in the first & second generation run too! It’s my childhood 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh my god, same! I loved the show and saw all the movies religiously. I collected cards and we used to trade them too! It was so fun :’)


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