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You & The Tag Don’t Mesh: A Discussion

I don’t know about you all, but sometimes I think of a tag game idea that I’d love to do so I do a quick internet search to see if it’s been thought of & done before. It just about always has been. Every time. My creativity is lacking, it seems. But that’s okay. Now I don’t have to think of questions!

So I click on the original game post, I scroll through & read the questions, and that’s when it happens. My interest sinks. My sails have lost their wind. I feel a little bad. But there it is.

I absolutely hate most, if not all, of the question pairings.

Be it with a song title, lyrics, a movie list, characters, what-have-you, the specific questions you’re meant to answer just do not appeal to you. At all. You’ve read through them & thought “why would you choose THAT question for THAT song title?! I have SUCH a better match for that! GAHH!!” Then you sigh, close the browser, & cry out in agony over the unfairness of it all (orrrrr maybe that’s just me) but what can you do?


Here is where I ask my ultimate question & I would LOVE some input from y’all;

Is it okay to do your own version of a tag game that someone else has already established? Putting together your own question pairings with the same theme as the one you found elsewhere? If yes, how would you go about doing that? Would you just figure out a different title for the tag game to differentiate it? Do you mention the tag that already existed & how you switched it up in your own version? Is it ok to do only if you thought of the idea BEFORE finding the already existing tag? Is it NEVER ok? Should one just suck it up & do the already existing game or not do it at all & let it go?

I’d love to put together my own little tag game but all my ideas seem to have already been done in the book blogging community & not liking the ones that others have created really leaves me feeling a little bad. But should I? We’re not all gonna like everything everyone does. That’s just life. But I would love to discuss this with you all.

What would you do? Or do you do nothing at all?

What do you do when you & the tag games just don’t mesh?


10 thoughts on “You & The Tag Don’t Mesh: A Discussion

    1. Just like, hey I had this idea that I wanted to do and this person got to it first, but I have different question options for the same theme so here they are! Here’s their game if you’d like, and here’s my own little version, enjoy!!

      That really does feel like it could be the best way. I just didn’t wanna step on anybody toes or anything. Wasn’t sure if there were maybe any rules or whatever in regards to things like this that I wasn’t aware of since I’m still pretty new to the whole book blogging thing. Thank you!

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      1. You could always leave a comment on the original tag post and ask if they’re okay with you posting your own version, just to be sure. 😃


  1. I would definitely go with creating your own version and linking up to the original if you want. That way people can decide which version they want to do themselves, and you get to have all those questions YOU like.

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    1. I’m liking this idea. It really feels like the best way to go about it. I wasn’t sure if there were any unwritten rules or anything like that in regards to moments like this so I didn’t wanna do anything wrong, you know?

      I think that probably is the best way to go. Shouting out the one you found, showing that you did research & giving another blogger some love & didn’t just try to steal all the spotlight for yourself. It feels… something that shows you care about others while still doing your own thing.

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      1. I personally feel you can never go wrong with just letting your creativity flow… And yes mentioning the other blogger definitely shows respect as well as giving others both options for possible memes. I’m sure there will be more people out there looking for memes that fit better with their own ideas. 😉


  2. I’d say go for it, I mean what idea is completely original? There are always going to be variations and different things you can do for it, maybe put a disclaimer somewhere in the tag about how you thought of this idea and seen someone had done something similar.
    It’s just like discussions I always write a discussion and then see a million people have done it to but they won’t have the same thoughts or audience as me so I post it anyway 😀

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  3. I personally would probably link to the original tag in my new one and maybe also check with the person who came up with the original one and ask if they’d mind. While I personally don’t think it’s a big deal to do the same theme, I could understand why someone else might be frustrated to see someone use “their” idea, even if it is a bit different. 🙂


  4. I think it’s totally okay! How many things in the world are variations of something or have been inspired by it? I mean, one of the most popular themes in YA right now is retellings so!! As long as you just link the original or maybe even ask if the person is still active then I really don’t see why it’d be a problem. I mean tons of the Awards that are going around are just variations of each other with different names. I’d also love to see what you come up with 😀

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    1. Omg that’d be a great tag name too. Like *band name tag, the retelling* 😀 You have made some very wonderful points. Especially the variations part. Never actually thought about that!! Great Idea. Thank you!♡♡


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