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The Jingle Bell Book Tag

I am so behind on everything, especially tags! So what is the best course of action? Obviously skipping all the oldest tags & jumping right to the most recent!!

This is the Jingle Bell Book Tag! (created by Richard @ The Humpo Show)
The holidays are upon us, as I’m sure we are all well aware by now, so this is the perfect game to play. I was tagged by the wonderful Stephanie @ Adventures of a Bibliophile (click to see her own Jingle Bell post!). Thank you for thinking of me, girl! It’s nice to know that, even though I’ve been pretty MIA, that y’all haven’t forgotten about me. It’s a good feeling.

Now, I’m not Christian, so Christmas isn’t REALLY my holiday. But I come from a (mostly) Christian family so of COURSE I celebrated it! And still do cause…I mean….when your whole family celebrates a holiday, you’re kind of taken along for the ride regardless of your own thing. So we’re gonna jump on in to this & pretend it’s 100% my holiday this season & have us some blog fun!! 😀

“All I Want For Christmas Is You”
What book do you want to see under the Christmas Tree?

Oh man, I don’t even know. I kind of already have all the books I’ve been wanting in the past & nothing is coming to mind right now? I am literally blanking on a book I want. Nothing is coming to me. WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT MEOW?!

It guess I’d love to find the next book in the John Dies at the End series, but that’s not even due out for like…another year so that’s definitely not happening. It’d be pretty sweet though.

“Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time”
What book that you have read this year have you enjoyed the most?

This is a tie between the Six of Crows duology & The Raven King. I just can’t choose. That’s like asking me to pick a favourite child if I was a parent. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. Too much love for all these things. MOVING ON!!

“It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas”
Which book has the most festive look to it?


Of all the books I personally, physically own, I believe it would probably be one of these two: Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller or A Breath of Frost by Alyxandra Harvey.

As you can tell, they’re not really “festive” with Christmasy-type things, but with all the twinkling lights on the Stars cover & the snow flake & chilly vibe that Frost is giving off, I’m counting them!

Close enough is good enough for me.

What book unleashes your inner child?

I’d prolly have to go with either Where the Wild Things Are cause it’s my favourite, the Catwings books because they’re also my favourites, or maybe even those Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books. Because nothing feels like my childhood more than being terrified to sleep because of those books. I’ve had them in my possession since middle school (having to replace them once as an adult) & they are the best.

Nothing like spooky things to get you in the Christmas spirit, am I right?!

17347389“The Grinch”
Your favourite villain…

Hands down; Kavinsky from The Raven Cycle. Specifically his entire story arc in The Dream Thieves. I don’t know if you can 100% call him a villain, but he definitely wasn’t the best guy in this book. So…can I count him?

I’m counting him.

Or Maven. I love me some Maven.

“The Holiday”
Name your favourite TWO couples
(*Feel free to skip down to the green text if you’d prefer. No judgement! Because…*)


Wylan & Jesper
Ronan & Adam

I will forever ship these pairings & nobody can tell me otherwise.

What book would you like to give as a present to your followers?

8017585I have quite a few books I’d like to give to people. But most everyone here seems to have already read The Raven Boys, Red Queen, or Six of Crows, so I’m going to pick one I don’t see here ever. (Probably because it’s not a YA novel, but whatever!)

Now I’m not sure who would like this book & who wouldn’t, but it’s one of my absolute favourites & I want to give it to everyone. Even people who probably wouldn’t like it just cause I love it so much. I really do. John Dies at the End by David Wong. I love the writing style, the humour, the whole thing! I love it’s sequel, This Book is Full of Spiders, and I just can’t wait for the third installment to come out.

I want to share it with everyone.

Since it’s been a while, I’m not entirely sure who to tag?
So, if this looks fun to you, DO IT!
And let me know so I can check out your post too!!

Oh, and I lied. I do know who to tag:
Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews

Do it, Lauren. Cause I said so!! ❤


9 thoughts on “The Jingle Bell Book Tag

  1. I’ve seen so much about both Crooked Kingdom and The Raven King this year! I really want to know what the hype is all about. Where The Stars Still Shine has such a beautiful cover ❤ Aren't scary books more for Halloween than Christmas? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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