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Mini Review Round-up #2!

Hello beautiful book nerds!! And welcome to another mini review round-up!

I never got around to writing full reviews for the books I read recently, but I did write small ones over on GoodReads. So I thought I’d go ahead & do a blog post to round all of ’em up & share with y’all here!

I know not everybody does the GoodReads thing, and it’s been a while since I’ve been motivated to do legit reviews, so this seemed like a nice idea.


(clicking on the covers will take you to the book synopsis & author info over on GoodReads) 

Ruthless by Carolyn Lee Adams

27206429Read:  September 12, 2016
My Rating:  4/5 Stars
My Review:  Ruthless was so tense & kind of terrifying & I loved every single bit of it. Ruth is such a strong fighter of a character, but at the same time she is flawed & real. Seriously couldn’t have asked for a better heroine to root for. Wolfman is awful & threatening in just the right ways.

This book was a roller coaster of emotions. I still can’t believe it’s Adams’ first novel. Her writing is fantastic. Will definitely be picking up more of her work in the future!

Awake by Natasha Preston

22881022Read:  September 13, 2016
My Rating:  ~2.5/5 Stars
My Review:  I’m still an overall fan of Preston’s writing & will continue to read her work, but I wasn’t too much a fan of this one. The insta love had me rolling my eyes, & I’m not gonna lie, I skimmed the last half of the book. I was still really interested in the story & where it was going & how it would end, but mostly I just didn’t care.

And can we talk about the bs that is the whole not remembering anything before the age of 4 being weird, repeated often, & a way too big a deal in this story?

I don’t remember things from when I was that young, most people don’t. That’s just how the brain works. If it was 4 years of her life kind of, like, in the middle or if she had been older then lost her memory I could see it being a big deal. But no memory of before you were 4? No. That’s not really a thing that’d be weird OR worrisome.

Overall, an interesting enough premise that I personally feel just wasn’t executed as well as it could have been.

I much preferred Cellar to this one.

Escape from Asylum by Madeleine Roux

27064411Read:  September 16, 2016
My Rating:  3.5/5 Stars
My Review:  I love this series. This is a great addition to the story & provides good background if you’ve read the other books.

And if you want to talk diverse reads: We’ve got a trans woman of colour in this one. And she is a wonderful character that I fell completely in love with. You really feel for what’s happening with her & her relationship with the MC.

The only thing I wish is that there was a little MORE info on Kay at the end. I liked the ending, but a few more specifics on the how’s & such with her would’ve been nice.

Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

10639261Read:  October 10, 2016
My Rating:  3/5 Stars
My Review:  Shortest review yet, but this is another collection of four short stories written by SK.

The first story was soooooo slow, I really didn’t like it. I kind of liked the end of it, but it takes forever to get to the good stuff. The second & fourth ones were the best, in my opinion. I liked the 3rd one, but it wasn’t anything TOO amazing. So overall, a 3/5 from me!

Possessions by Nancy Holder

6411849Read:  October 20, 2016
My Rating:  3/5 Stars
My Review:  I expected it to be tiny bit creepier than it was, but I definitely liked it enough to continue with the rest of the trilogy! Not horrible, not amazing. A fun, quick read. Might be better suited for somewhat younger teens (14-16 or so) but I don’t see why someone older wouldn’t enjoy it. I mean, I myself am getting close to 30 & I had fun! Just gotta take it for what it is.

Honestly, I could see this as a Nickelodeon/Disney made-for-TV Halloween movie. Could be fun! Get on this, y’all.

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie with Alyssa B. Scheinmel

21413855Read:  October 25, 2016
My Rating:  4/5 Stars
My Review:  This turned into something I was not quite expecting & I really like it! The writing style is lovely; it’s very conversational & I think it helped the story flow.

I am definitely a fan of Sunshine & Nolan. Nolan is the sweetest little nerd & I will protect him WITH MY LIFE!! But I could’ve used more of Lex the cat. Mainly because I am a huge cat lover & just a few mentions of his existence is not enough for me.

You definitely don’t have to be a fan of the Sunshine YouTube series to enjoy this book. Like, at all. It stands on its own very VERY well. But I still gotta recommend watching the videos anyway. Cause it’s one of my faves & I think everyone should give it a shot!

I can’t wait to read the 2nd book, which I luckily already own! Sometimes being a book hoarder has its advantages.

Twisted by Hannah Jayne

28218622Read:  October 31, 2016
My Rating:  4/5 Stars
My Review:  I thoroughly enjoy Jaynes writing style. I’m usually a pretty slow-ish reader, but everytime I went to read this, the pages just flew by & I never wanted to quit!

There are a few technical grammar/spelling errors in my copy, but nothing too awful bad. The only thing that truly bugged me was the end. The book just kind of…..ends? I feel like there should’ve been a little more of an after than what we get. What happens to Bex? Her father? I need to know!

And there’s this boy Zach. He’s a character, but overall I don’t see exactly why he’s in this? He’s mentioned a few times & it feels like he should be a little more important in some way. But his character doesn’t add really anything except a moment where you think he’s recording things & knows her secret. Or maybe there’s something that I missed that’s throwing me off with him, who knows. You’ll have to read to figure that out for yourself, I guess!

There are a couple red herrings, a few anxiety inducing moments, & a whole lot of feeling for Bex & her situation. She felt real to me & there were parts of her & her thought process that I could totally relate to. You just gotta root for her, right?

If you like tense killer novels/mysteries, this could be right up your alley! It was definitely a good choice for the spooky season. I am definitely going to be picking up Jayne’s other novels!

There were some other books I read the last couple months, but I’m hoping that I’ll find the motivation to do legit, in-depth reviews for them. I feel like they really deserve more love, attention, & focus with their own individual posts so I didn’t add them here.

And I’m not gonna tell you what they were in the off-chance I don’t get around to actually reviewing them. Don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up & have you wait around for a post that never comes. I’ve been in a slump lately & haven’t found the motivation to blog. Those can be hard to get out of.

It’s also the season of new video game releases so my concentration level with books is so low right now. Too many games to play, not enough time or energy! I’m so torn between my gaming & bookish lifestyle.

Being a bibliophilic gamer is a hard life, y’all!!


6 thoughts on “Mini Review Round-up #2!

  1. I really enjoyed The Haunting of Sunshine Girl! It was a bit more fantasy-ish than what I was expecting, but still it was really fun and yes Nolan was adorable. I gotta finish the Asylum series. Ruthless is on my TBR, glad to see you enjoyed it 😀 Great reviews!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly my feelings with Sunshine! Still a good book though. I really think you’d enjoy Ruthless. Like, 100% sure you would. I’m NOT 100% sure HOW MUCH you’d enjoy it, but you’d give it at LEAST a 3 out of 5, I’m sure lol ❤
      Thank yooouuuu!!!! ❤


  2. So glad I found your blog! Cheers from another gamer/bibliophile who is always torn on whether to play games or read a book. The only thing that rivals my TBR pile is probably my to-be-played pile that I’ve hoarded from Steam sales 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAAASSSS!!!!! *high fives* Dude I feel you there! I have a bad habit of preordering games & then just hoarding them for forever. I STILL haven’t played Resident Evil 6 & I’ve had it for like, 2 years. And the amount I’ve started by never finished? I’d rather not talk about that cause it’s ridiculous XDD


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