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Halloween Readathon // 2016~!!

Now, usually, I don’t really do Readathons. I love the idea, but the execution? I suck at that. I’m very easily distracted & don’t even make a dent in one book, let alone many, so I usually avoid readathons.


Lauren over at Wonderless Reviews has not only set up a Readathon devoted to my FAVOURITE time of year (Halloween, y’all!!), but it’s actually a nice long time frame that I THINK I can actually read a book or two in! This was made for me. Not…like….literally? But it was.

This Halloween Readathon runs from October 10th right up to the ultimate holiday itself, October 31st.

All Hallow’s Eve

And, as with many other readathons, WE HAVE CHALLENGES!!! I can’t promise I can complete most of these, but I’m pretty sure I can complete at least one. If nothing else, I am going to PICK books for these challenges, and we’ll see what I can actually complete by the end. Lauren has clearly stated that nobody HAS to do the challenges to participate, but they’re a nice little addition to add a little fun!!

Here we go!

*{All graphics courtesy of Lauren herself, used with permission, from Wonderless Reviews.}


🕸 Pretty self explanatory. If you think a cover is creepy for whatever reason, then it counts!

6411849I have so many of these to choose from. Horror/thrillers are my FAVOURITE genres so….I have a lot of books with creepy covers. But I think imma choose Possessions by Nancy Holder.

Now, the paperback that I personally own has the old, early 2000’s YA cover art going on. I bought a used copy off Amazon & was expecting the more recent, spooky cover I’ve shared here. I figure, even though my copy isn’t even remotely creepy, it DOES have an edition that DOES have a creepy cover. So, I’m counting it.

(It is creepy, right? I think it’s creepy…)


🕸 By Supernatural or Paranormal I mean books that feature things such as: ghosts, vampires, witches, werewolves etc.

Example: Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

21413855One of my fave categories in the Horror genre! I love me a good ghost story, and who doesn’t like vampires?? (Answer: Horrible people)

I am choosing The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie & Alyssa B. Sheinmel for this one! A ghost story that started as an amazing paranormal YouTube channel done by Paige & her mother that got turned into a book series!! It’s so awesome that Paige’s mother got into it & helped her with her channel. Not many parents are that cool & supportive.

I can’t wait to see how the book compares!!


🕸 In my opinion, people are scarier than monsters. So for Horror or Thrillerthis means a book where real people are the ones who are causing all the scariness.

Example: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


Just kidding!! This is actually a challenge I am always ready for. Psychological thrillers are fantastic, & I always have multiple on hand.

I should really go with one that has been on my shelves for longer than most, but…..I don’t really want to (and I’m not even remotely sorry for that). Instead, I am going to choose Twisted by Hannah Jayne. I bought this one less than a month ago, & I’m really intrigued. Is her dad really a killer? Is he killing now? Will using her as bait help the police catch him???



🕸 Again, pretty self explanatory.

Fun fact: The witching hour is 3am-4am, but obviously I’m not going to force you all to read at that time. Unless you’re like me and have insomnia. So just read a book after the sun has set!

289290I actually work nights, so I’m ALWAYS awake at this time. My bed time is actually between 6 & 7am, so I shouldn’t have a problem doing this at least one night during the readathon!! And I am specifically going to choose one of my horror comics so I can get the most out of this time.

This seems like the perfect opportunity to read 30 Days of Night by Steve Niles, actually! It’s all about them vampires & it’s illustrated by my favourite artist, Ben Templesmith! He’s handsome & hella talented. I swoon over him, not gonna lie here.

I’ve never seen more than the last like, 10 minutes of the movie, so this is going to be a 95% new experience for me. I hope I like it like I think I will!!


🕸 There are two options for this challenge; You can choose TRICK and read a scary book you’ve been putting off, OR you can choose TREAT and read any book you want from ANY genre (not just horrors).

16032127Oh, I am SOOOOO going for TRICK!! I have plenty of scary books I have been putting off. Mostly cause I am a horrible book nerd who does what every book nerd seems to do: Buy every book you can get your hands on regardless of how daunting your TBR already is.

I am going to go with Revenge, written by Yoko Ogawa & translated by Stephen Snyder, for this one! I haven’t been putting this specific book off because I haven’t wanted to read it or anything like that, I actually started it not long after purchasing, read the 1st story, then just never picked it back up. I can’t remember the exact reason, but I think I prolly picked up a different book or was on the verge of a slump. Either way, this is a good time to try again, so I’m going to!


🕸 Read six books! Your sixth book can be any scary book you want.

Only do this if you want! I know how it is to feel intimidated by read-a-thons so I really wanted to try and make this as relaxing as possible. There’s probably no way I’m going to be able to do this, but it’s fun to try!

I would be so proud of myself if I could read 6 whole books during this readathon! I am totally going to try, but I think I’m going to leave this one open & not choose a book in advance. If I make it through 5 & I have time left to fit in a 6th, I will pick one at that time & I will be sure to let everyone know what I end up reading!!

There you have it! The Halloween Readathon, the books imma try to read, all the spoops & candy your little biblio-heart can handle!! With completely ADORABLE graphics straight from Lauren herself!! Her skills are amazing, to be honest.

This is a Readathon I think EVERYBODY should join!! It’s basically like a casual, 2 week long, Halloween party for book lovers & everyone is invited but nobody has to leave their house!! It even has an official hashtag for everyone to use during the time to connect everyone on all forms of social media: #HalloweenWR

I are EXCITE!!

Check out the official post over at Wonderless Reviews to sign up & don’t forget to follow if you haven’t already!! I’ll see y’all on October 10th! Stay Spoopy~

Halloween Read-A-Thon Info


14 thoughts on “Halloween Readathon // 2016~!!

  1. YAY!! I’ve been super excited for this because I know how much you love horror 💕 We have a book in common too. I’m also hoping to read The Haunting of Sunshine Girl. I also love that you chose trick, because I’m doing that too 😅. Revenge sounds really interesting so I’ll definitely be looking forward to hearing your thoughts if you get to it.

    And haha I totally get what you mean about the actual reading during a read-a-thon. It’s why I wanted to try and make sure this was lowkey as possible.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhhhhh yaaasss!!!! 😀 That is so awesome that we both picked one of the same books!! 😀 I loved the YT channel & have had the 2 Sunshine Girl novels sitting on my shelves since the day each was released but never got around to read em. But you’ve created a perfect reason to just do it already!! hahaaaaa!!! 😀

      I was obviously gonna read horror novels in October ANYWAY, but doing them as part of an official readathon is just too much like fate for me to NOT, ya know???

      It seems like Revenge is more like….dark & not necessarily *horror*??? But it definitely fits any way. The first story was weird when I read it initially, I can’t wait to see what the others are like & how they all tie in together. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes! I get the feeling it’s gonna be good. I’ve always been a fan of Japanese horror.

      I think you’ve definitely succeeded in making a nice, calm, fun event!! I know it isn’t here yet, but even just giving a nice long time frame makes everything so casual. I love it. No pressure!! The best thing 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah I didn’t even know Lauren was hosting a halloween readathon how awesome! I’m planning on picking up Horror/Thriller/Gritty Dark books any how so I may as well join in with the fun!

    I struggle to stay on target with readathons to but this sounds perfect for what I already planned to read anyhow XD Great TBR I’ll definitely be checking out some of these :

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, do it!!! It’s awesome that we’re all basically in the same boat. Reading horror anyway, not being great at readathons, doing it anyway. Destiny!! 😀

      Hopefully they’re all fantastic reads. I can’t wait to find out & I can’t wait to see what you choose yourself!!

      This is gonna be fun!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great list with so many creepy books! I’m not usually that much into horror but I’m trying to read some more so I’d love to hear your thoughts about these books! Maybe after this readathon I can continue the Halloween spirit with some more scary books 🙂


    1. Yaaasss!!!! Readathon buddies!!! 😀 I love how you’re gonna read all those Alvin Schwartz books! I have them in a box cause they still manage to freak me out, even as an adult. Seriously the best books ever!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I adore your Halloween-y background; so cute! I’m so excited for this challenge and it seems totally doable! Happy spooky reading and good luck! 😀


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