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August Wrap-Up; September tbr

It’s Spooptember already?! Man, does time fly! What an exciting year. So many things. This blog is going into its 7th month of existence, still a baby. Still trying to get myself back into things. Finally settling into my new home & job. FINALLY THE SEASON FOR SPOOPY THINGS!! We have to get ready for Halloween after all, the best holiday EVER!

Let’s start with a little bit of what happened in my personal life this past month:

August was kind of a really REALLY big month for me. My husband & I moved cross-country from Southeast Michigan all the way down to Austin, Texas. Over 2,000 Miles! And, man, talk about a change. The weather, the stores, the roads. It’s so surreal to think that we live here now. For at least the next year, this is our home. I started at my new job (same job as before, just new location), set up the new apartment, got Texas licence plates for our vehicles, ate Whataburger for the first time, rode bikes downtown, saw the capital building…..SO MANY THINGS!!!

I am really excited to be here. I had a bad time initially, my anxiety really got to me, but I’m finally feeling comfortable. Didn’t get too much reading done due to all the changes, but I did get some!! So let’s jump in to the books I read in August in between all the things:

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child:  2/5 Stars
You by Caroline Kepnes:  4/5 Stars
Mary: The Summoning by Hillary Monahan:  3/5 Stars
Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson:  4/5 Stars

4 books ain’t bad, y’all!! Not bad at all!
Especially considering how swamped I’ve been with life.
Don’t mind me, just patting myself on the back. You go, Kai.

Now for what I’ll be reading in September! Which I call Spooptember, in case you missed that at the beginning. Cause everything starts to get SO SPOOPY!! This whole month is a ramp up to October which is the month of monsters & frights. Halloween is my favourite holiday, & I like to start preparing in September. So, in honour of all things spoopy & dark, I will be reading mostly thrillers this month.

Here are the books I chose for the next 4 weeks!

If You Wrong Us by Dawn Klehr
Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King
Awake by Natasha Preston
Ruthless by Carolyn Lee Adams

The book club I’m a part of with 2 of my friends wanted to read Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider this month too, but we’re prolly gonna put that on hold ’til November, when things are less spoopy for us!!

I’m also throwing House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski tentatively onto this list for both September & October. I probably won’t actually be able to get to it as it is a MASSIVE tomb, but this is the perfect time of year for such a strange novel. And I have been wanting to read this for ages. I have the full-colour edition too so it’ll be even more of an experience.

If I can, I’d love for this book to lead me right into Halloween. We’ll see what happens!!

What about you guys?

Anybody else planning to ring in the season with spoopy books?
Are we waiting til October to get our spoop on?
Let’s talk about how awesome this time of year is!!!


4 thoughts on “August Wrap-Up; September tbr

  1. So glad you enjoyed You!! That book messed me up in the best way 😅 I really want to read The Summoning, Ruthless and If You Wrong Us! House of Leaves is another one I want but all the physical copies I’ve found online are way too expensive for me at the moment haha.

    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better about the move now ♥ hopefully everything will keep going smoothly!!


    1. I just can’t believe I was rooting for him AT ALL. I feel so ashamed. Too damn likeable for his own good! The bastard XD That book was just written too damn well!!!

      Hopefully they can go down in price so you can get them!! I’ve been recommended House of Leaves so many times, I’m super hyped for it. I’ve had the ebook version for a while but when I saw it physically in the store I HAD to have it.

      Thank you so much, hun!!! I’m also super glad I’m feeling better. The constant panic attacks were awful. It’s good to be able to breathe again. Fingers crossed it keeps up! Luckily I’m going back to Michigan in a couple weeks for a friend’s wedding so that’ll be a nice weekend to see my friends & family & keep me feeling upbeat. Though I’ll prolly just get more homesick when I get back!! 😂😂


  2. I loved You so much! (haha I just read that sentence back and I feel like I’m talking to an ex boyfriend XD) I might get my spook on by reading the second book 😀 I actually have a ton of thrillers I’ve been meaning to read so I may join you in the darker reads even though its not as cool because its spring here XD

    Glad you’ve finally settled into your new home and I hoping everything continues to go well for you! Great wrap up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That silly book title XD No matter the weather, it’s never bad weather for SPOOKS!!! hahaaa!! I’m living in the South now, so it’s still pretty hot & not really chilled or stormy or anything that makes things real creepy. And it probably won’t be til December or something lol But that’s when the spooky books come in most handy! Just gotta not look outside & pretend it’s spooky out there.

      Oh it has been an ordeal. I’m so ready to feel calm. I love it. Thank you so much! For the compliment & wonderful words ♡♡♡

      Liked by 1 person

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