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The Merciless II Review

27209488My Rating:  3.5/5 Stars
About:  The Merciless II
Written by:  Danielle Vega

My Review:  We are back with Sofia Flores, and things from the last novel are not over. She’s struggling with the aftermath of the “exorcism” her & 3 others performed on her “friend,” and now she’s sent to a boarding school in Mississippi and THINGS GET CRAZY AGAIN. Because, of course they do!

Y’all, imma try real hard to not be too spoilery, I promise. But if you hadn’t read the first one & you’re about to read this review of mine, just know that I totally think you should go read the first one RIGHT MEOW!! I really enjoyed it. You can even read my review of that one over on GoodReads! (click right HERE)

This one starts a tad different from the first, paranoid of being haunted,  grandmother still ill, mother trying to be as supportive as she can. But then a BIG THING happens that causes Sofia to be sent to a catholic boarding school where she meets 3 other girls & a real cute boy & a priest who is more than a little creepy on his own.

The overall storyline in this one isn’t too different from the first, but I find that it’s actually better. I found the first novel to be wayyyy too much like Mean Girls in the beginning & took a little too long to get to the creepy. This one had a little creepy going on from the beginning, but things get really messed up in the last half. Just like the first!

I love Danielle Vega’s writing style, & I really enjoyed how the whole thing played out, but I still find it all a tad meh. It can be creepy, but not terribly scary. It’s not wholly original, but it is definitely a fun read. I didn’t really care for Sofia in this one, to be honest, I enjoyed her new friends about the same, but I liked the love interest (even when things get WEIRD, he was just well written, imo) & even the priest! Despite how… he is through most of the book. You don’t even see him all that much, but still!

Overall, I didn’t think a sequel was necessary, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. If you’ve read The Merciless & liked it, I don’t think you’ll be all that disappointed. I definitely recommend giving it a read!

Now I just have to wait for whatever Vega has in store for us with her next book.
Whatever or whenever that may be.


2 thoughts on “The Merciless II Review

    1. Thank you!! 😀 And you’re welcome!! They’re nothing super amazing, but they read like cheesy horror movies & it’s my favourite thing. I love Vega’s writing. Lemme know what you think once you get to read em!! 😀

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