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Six of Crows Review

23437156My Rating:  4/5 Stars
About:  Six of Crows
Written by:  Leigh Bardugo

My Review:  I finally finished Six of Crows, guys! Can you believe it?? It only took me AN ETERNITY! And man, do I have to tell you. I kind of wish I hadn’t waited, but at least I don’t have to wait as long for the sequel!

This is about a group of thieves who get the chance to possibly get a whole bunch of money by doing a thing for a dude & there IS SO MUCH HAPPENING!!

I don’t normally pick up these types of fantasy novels, urban fantasy is usually how I go. Gimme the powers & creatures with today’s technology & I am HOOKED!! But this surprised me. The blurb intrigued me, definitely. Thieves on a heist??? Yes. But, & I’m not gonna lie to you here, this started as a cover buy. JUST LOOK AT IT! IT’S GORGEOUS! Whoever designed it is a genius & I am in love with them. It even physically feels wonderful in the hands. And all the hype online didn’t help. Or it did? It helped the book sales, but not my self-control!!


It took me quite a while to read this one. Obviously not because it was bad or hard or anything, but since we’re moving in about a week, I have just been crazy busy & it’s been hard to focus on books. I actually split this one up between the physical novel & the audiobook. The narrator of the audiobook was fantastic, for the record.

I have heard a couple conflicting opinions on whether or not you HAVE to read Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy before reading this one and, as someone who has NOT read that trilogy, I had zero problem keeping track of what was happening or what the Grisha were in Six of Crows. There’s also a handy resource at the very beginning of SoC that tells you what’s what. So yea, I am of the opinion that you don’t have to read the trilogy before reading this one. And, honestly, I probably won’t pick up those books even after this. I believe the thief aspect is what really drew me in, here. But since I haven’t/won’t read the Grisha novels, who knows if I’m actually wrong!

Either way, this book stands up just fine on it’s own as it’s own entity & beginning to a series

I really enjoyed the writing in this one. The characters & world-building were wonderful and there was a lot of action & adventure & even a little bit of that love thing!! Pretty sure Kaz is my absolute favourite. He’s tough & a tad sarcastic & I’ve always loved those kinds of characters. You can tell that deep down he’s very caring when it comes to the people in his life that he considers family or friends but he won’t hesitate to kick your ass when he needs to!!

And Inej. Sweet, fierce, strong Inej. Her backstory is totally kind of sad but throughout the book she shows just how determined she is to escape her past & become her own person & prove herself. I adore her. So very very much. I totally ship her & Kaz, for the record!! They’re kind of perfect for each other?

There was really only one aspect to this book that I didn’t really care for. There were a few moments that I felt were a little drawn out, but mostly it were the flashback moments that threw me off the most. You were basically thrown into those moments without preamble & it would take a few minutes to realise what was happening. It became easier towards the last half of the novel though, so it wasn’t completely terrible overall.

I loved this book & I’m so glad I finally read it, even if it did take me a while.
I can’t wait til Crooked Kingdom is finally released.
Six of Crows ends on what I wouldn’t quite call a cliffhanger?
But there are things left unfinished and I just need to know what happens next!!!

Chop Chop, Bardugo.


3 thoughts on “Six of Crows Review

  1. I LOVE THIS BOOKK 💕💕I’m happy you like it too 😀 Inej and Kaz are my favourite ship hih 😉 All the characters have their own spark and its so much fun to read -Trang


  2. YES! Six of Crows is one of my favorites, I love everyone of these characters and can’t wait for crooked kingdom, I listened to the audio book as a re-read and really liked the narration as well + I got to hear all the names I was pronouncing totally wrong XD Great review Kai!

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