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The Cresswell Plot Review

26222109My Rating:  4/5 Stars
About:  The Cresswell Plot
Written by:  Eliza Wass

My Review:  The Cresswell Plot (called In The Dark, In The Woods in the UK, & Australia, & some other regions FOR SOME REASON) focuses around Castella Cresswell & her 5 siblings being raised in the woods with their crazy religious father & his cult-like parenting. Seriously, you find out very quickly that he’s basically brainwashed his family to follow his “beliefs,” including pairing off his 6 children with each other for their life in heaven.

Yea. This is a weird story.

Guys? I whipped through this book. I had no intention of reading it right away when I bought it, but after casually reading the first paragraph, I was hooked.

The writing is just so good. It flows. It catches you & doesn’t let go. I HAD to finish it immediately once I started.

I felt so much for the Cresswell kids. Seriously, it felt like my heart & chest were on fire for most of the book. It’s not as violent as I assumed it would be (as it IS about these children & how their father manipulates, abuses, & forces them into his absurd personal religious beliefs), but there are definitely a few violent moments. Just… less than I initially thought there’d be going in.

The only part of the book that I’m knocking 1 star off for is the end. Though I felt it definitely ended well, I mostly just wish there was more of a follow-up with what happens after & a couple questions I wish I could have more detailed/definitive answers for. It builds up ridiculously well, & doesn’t disappoint when it reaches its climax & the subsequent resolution, but it definitely feels like there’s more that could have been done.

But even with that small issue, this book was amazing. It definitely had me at the edge of my seat & frantic for the whole thing. THE WHOLE DAMN THING!

If the subject matter isn’t something that would bother you too much, I gotta recommend you pick this one up & give it a go. I loved it & can’t wait to see what other stories Eliza Wass has up her sleeve!!


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