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The Raven King Review

17378527My Rating:  5/5 Stars
About:  The Raven King
Written by:  Maggie Stiefvater

*Note: There’s a spoiler part. It’s in red. Skip it if you need to!!

My Review:  This is the 4th & FINAL novel in The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater and, guys? I have no words that accurately describe what this book meant to me. How it made me feel. How this series has affected me. How I am still feeling after finishing The Raven King very early Friday morning.

This is a very bittersweet thing for me. Yes, I only read The Raven Boys last year & all subsequent novels this year, but it has burrowed itself into my heart, mind, & soul. Stiefvater has this way with words that is equal parts poetic, raw, & anxiety-inducing. I adore it. This isn’t my first series of hers, but it is my favourite. It’s official.

The Raven King finds our wonderful Aglionby boys & the women of 300 Fox Way back in Henrietta & Cabeswater continuing their quest for Gansey’s King; Glendower. So many things happened in the previous 3 novels, & even more happen here. We also get a few new characters which, though maybe not completely necessary, did add an extra element to the action that I very much enjoyed.

We got to see more of Henry Cheng & even a few more people similar to Greenmantle, come to Henrietta for magical things & with a propensity for violence. Less of the Gray Man than I would have liked, but that’s ok. We got a lot more Declan, and in the end, I really like him as a character. You get more of his story, & it’s pretty enlightening, why he is the way he is. You get a lot less Noah though, & I’m not 100% happy with how his part in the story played out in this book. He’s not my favourite, but I would’ve preferred a little more with him.

I don’t want to give anything away, but I also really want to talk about one thing in particular, and it’s very VERY spoilery. So, this next small section is for that. Consider this your official SPOILER ALERT. It will be in dark red text & sectioned off, so skip all the red text to avoid spoilers!!!

This is the book that finally made Ronan happy. And seeing him find his happiness with Adam is so fucking beautiful, it kills me. I reread chapter 39 so many times. Their kiss made my heart explode over & over again. I was waiting for this. From the moment in The Dream Thieves where he casually admitted to Kavinsky that he was gay, to all the little looks & under the table help he gave Adam in this & Blue Lily, Lily Blue.

This moment is a big moment for both Adam & Ronan. They’re both so lost, damaged, & hurt. But they find their magic in each other. Their happiness. It effects them both so deeply, it’s wonderful. They’re just so good for each other & I am so glad to finally see my 2 favourite Raven Boys in a good place in their lives.

Now if we can just get a spin off novel devoted to just those 2 & their adventures in Ronan’s dreams & the Barns & even while Adam is at college, that’d be great. I WANT ALL THINGS ADAM & RONAN, OK??? Gimme.


And that’s it! This book, this series, means the world to me. It broke my heart & then proceeded to mend it. Over & over again. It was magical & real, everything & yet nothing I expected, & I am so so thankful to Maggie for it.

I hope we one day get to return to Henrietta with our Raven Boys & Blue.

And I hope that day isn’t too far off.


8 thoughts on “The Raven King Review


    I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I definitely wish there was more Noah and I would have liked to known a bit more about Blue and her dad, but despite that it was such a perfect ending to the series. Not that I wanted it to end. 💔

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    1. I hope hope hope we get more of them at some point in the future. I know she doesn’t have any plans right now, & I get that, but that won’t stop me from dreaming!!!

      I might have to reread the series soon, tbh. I don’t usually do rereads, but I feel like I have to with this one.


      1. Oh my god, same. I’m dying for some novellas (or unrealistically) a spin off series haha. I just need more 😭

        Yes!! I feel like there’d be so many little hints and things throughout the books that I’d notice if I did a reread.

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  2. I really loved this book so I am so glad you enjoy it as well 😀 it is definitely the best ending I could ever imagine for the series!
    Also I think by the end I was more pleased that Ronan and Adam got their happy ending than I was for Blue and Gansey. Chapter 39 was my favourite of the whole book, the whole series even! And yeah I wished there had been more Noah as well, he seemed to be in this book less than all the others and I don’t feel his story was properly resolved.

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    1. Maybe if the others had said or acknowledged his disappearing after everything went down? Maybe then I’d be a little more ok with how his part ended. Cause it’s the one thing that just didn’t sit well with me. Seemed too… The only word I can find right now for how it feels lol I mean, I get it. He was the one all along that helped save Gansey both times. But stiiiillll!!!

      I completely 100% agree with you on the G&B front!! It was kinda like “yea yea, makeout & be happy forever now, whatever. BUT HOW ABOUT THAT RONAN & ADAM THING, HUHHHH?????” 😂😂😂😂

      I am so glad I’m not the only one with those thoughts!!! It went from rooting for those 2 in the first book, to caring completely different things by the end. And I am completely ok with that!

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      1. It felt very much out of sight out of mind with Noah and the rest of the group as well. He seemed kind of shunted off to one corner and was only added back in when it was something vital to the story, kind of like an after thought more than anything else. Yes, because with Gansey and Blue you kind of knew, or at least hoped, they’d get a happy ending but with Adam and Ronan it just felt so much more up-in-the-air and you didn’t know what to expect with either of them. 😀

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