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City of Heavenly Fire Review


My Rating:  4/5 Stars
About:  City of Heavenly Fire
Written by:  Cassandra Clare

My Review:  City of Heavenly Fire is the 6th & final installment in the Mortal Instruments series. There’s a war going on &, of course, our favourite Shadowhunters & Downworlders are in the middle of the action. Whether the Clave wants them there or not.

It’s the LONGEST book of the series and, in my opinion, one of the most emotional ones as well. Seriously, I felt a lot of things while reading this one. Not so much because it was the last in this particular addition to the Shadowhunter world, but because of the things that happened in it. No spoilers, but a character I liked died, there was some betrayal, & quite a few love moments where they were both sad & wonderful, depending on the moment I happened to be reading.

Overall I absolutely loved this book. Of course, there WERE a few things that….I didn’t quite enjoy. Those things were as follows:

  • There were quite a few moments where someone said something & it was repeated later in the book. Once or twice of this is cool, but it happens A LOT. I just read, not that long ago, this thing the person said. I don’t need you to specifically write it again because a character was remembering when the other person said it. NOT EVERY TIME, CASSIE!!
  • A few characters were added in this one that weren’t in the previous TMI novels and, to be quite honest, I didn’t really care about them? Like, the parts were written well & they were interesting, but I could have gone without their parts. I still am not ENTIRELY sure why they were here in the first place, but maybe that’s because I haven’t read The Infernal Devices yet? I’m not sure.
  • SPEAKING OF TID: I had a slight thing spoiled for me in this one. Not….a big one? I guess? But it had to do with a character from The Infernal Devices that I knew about due to being online but hadn’t actually read about yet because I didn’t want to read any of the TID books without finishing TMI. Apparently, I should’ve read TID before reading the last 3 books in TMI, but I didn’t find that out til after the fact. If you guys need the best reading order for the Shadowhunter world, here’s a good link to check out. (I wish I had known about it beforehand, but that’s ok)

What Order Should I Read The Shadowhunter Chronicles in?

And that’s basically it. I still love Sebastian, I am happy with the couple pairings this book ended with, & I honestly think this was my favourite book in the series. There was plenty of action & twists & emotions throughout. I like how the characters grew with each book & feel that City of Heavenly Fire ended on a very good note. I wasn’t sure at one point, but then when that final page was read & the book was closed, I felt extremely satisfied & content with the resolution.

A fitting end to an enjoyable series.

Now onto Clockwork Angel!!


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