Hello From Japan!

Today ends our 3rd official day in Japan. I meant to have a legit blog post up about our travels so far, but we have been out so much I just haven’t had the energy!!

I’ll prolly do a couple full posts, complete with pictures & fun details, once we’re back at home.

What I will say is, despite initial issues with lost luggage & swollen limbs, I have been having a blast. We’ve seen some beautiful things & I’ve visited places I’ve been wanting to visit for forever. I’m happy.

I’ve been awful at updating any social media that’s not snapchat & Facebook because I’m lazy & those 2 are easy to do while not paying attention. But I hope everyone can forgive me. You’re all pretty chill that way.

Today & tomorrow we’re in Kyoto. Then it’s off to Osaka before heading back to Tokyo for souvenir shopping & preparing to head back home. I have taken TONS of photos & can’t wait to share them with you all! I hope you guys have been having a great week so far & that many books have been read!

I haven’t read anything since the plane. But I’m allowed to do other things instead. I’m on vacation!!


One thought on “Hello From Japan!

  1. I’m so happy to hear that things got better! I was so sad for you when I saw your Tweet. I hope things continue to go well and you have lots of fun times. Can’t wait to see all the photos ♥ I’ve been living vicariously through your Snapchats 😂

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