We’re going to Japan. Again!

We are. In 24 hours we will be on our way to the airport. I don’t think I’ll get another book related post up before we leave. In fact, I think this is going to be the last post for a few days.

So!! This one’s for you. My new book blogger friends! I will be updating my snapchat, instagram, & twitter accounts throughout our trip. It might not be every second, but anyone who would like to vacation with my husband & I are more than welcome to follow along on any of those platforms!
(I will include the links to my accounts on the bottom of this post)

I’m buying a roaming data plan for the week through my carrier, we have ordered a portable wifi thing, & I will have zero problems being connected to the net throughout our trip. There will be TONS of pictures taken. I will try to get at least one or two blog posts about our trip here on WordPress for anyone who would like to read about them! Probably when we first get to Japan, & maybe every few days with updates on where we are, have been, & still have left!

If this isn’t really your thing, that’s totally cool. Feel free to ignore me for the next week. I’ll be back to the tags, the reviews, & all the book-nerding once we are back in the States! But for the next week, this is now a travel blog. And I am definitely NOT sorry. ♡♡

Follow My Trip Updates!!


@blackcatkai (personal)
@bibliokittykai (bookstagram)


You probably see a pattern here…

Here’s one of my fave pics of me & the hubby when we were in Japan for our honeymoon 2 years ago. Gods, do I miss my pink hair. Y’all don’t even know!!!

We Cute



6 thoughts on “We’re going to Japan. Again!

    1. We are gonna have a blast!!

      Dude, having crazy coloured hair was my favourite thing. Then I had to get a more normal job where they made me go a more natural colour. I get a little choked up about it, still. Last I had blue hair & I loved it.



  1. HAVE FUN IN JAPAN! I got back about two weeks ago and had a great time (except that I got sick in the middle and that sucked, but everything else was just great).

    And love that pink hair! I wish I was brave enough to bleach/dye mine. 😛


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