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City of Lost Souls Review

8755776My Rating:  4/5 Stars
About:  City of Lost Souls
Written by:  Cassandra Clare

My Review:  City of Lost Souls is the 5th book in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. We’re back with all our favourite Shadowhunters & Downworlders! And I loved this book.

I hate that it took me so long to read, but I’ve been in kind of a mini slump lately. Mostly my focus has been pretty non-existent. It’s like I’d rather watch TV than read. But I’m gonna try to get better!!

COLS gave me like, all the feels. I don’t know how many times it broke my heart, made me laugh, & stressed me out. Things moved so much faster here than it did in City of Fallen Angels. Which is amazing, ’cause it’s definitely longer than its predecessor. Don’t get me wrong, I liked COFA, but overall I was disappointed. I gave it a 3/5 over on GoodReads. It was just…so slow. I actually got it when it came out in 2011, but finished reading it in September of 2014. I had to shelf it for a while because it was NOT doing it for me. I’m not proud of it, but it is what it is!

So it really wasn’t too hard to get better than that. There is so much love in COLS. Everybody’s pairing off and being damn adorable! Though the whole plot line with Alec frustrated the hell out of me throughout the entire book. Not that it was bad, it wasn’t, but that is some hard reading, let me tell you. No spoilers, but if it doesn’t get you in the heart, then you are a soulless monster!!

The action in this book was fun & ridiculously entertaining. There’s a second war coming, & it is gonna be huge! Or, at least, it totally should be. I’ll have to read City of Heavenly Fire to find out for sure.

I’m not entirely sure what else to say, guys. I loved this book. I feel like it’s a great addition to the Mortal Instruments series, especially considering it was supposed to be a trilogy when it started (which might explain why COFA wasn’t the best). I love watching Simon grow into his own as a vampire, & Clary becoming more & more badass in her role as a Shadowhunter. (though I do feel she still has a ways to go before she’s a super bad ass!!)

Obviously recommended if you’ve started TMI but haven’t finished it yet. If City of Fallen Angels turned you off, do yourself a favour & please please PLEASE give City of Lost Souls a try before you quit the series forever. It gets better, I promise.


3 thoughts on “City of Lost Souls Review

    1. I recommend at least giving the next book a shot, but if you struggle with that one as well, then there’s nothing wrong with just putting it all down.

      Some series aren’t for everyone and that’s ok!! 😀


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