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March Wrap-Up & April TBR

It is officially April! This year is dragging but also going way too fast for me & it’s kind of crazy. March was my first full month in the book blogging world, & I’ve been liking it, overall. I had a list of books I 100% intended on reading this month, &  I did not finish the last one. I got most of the way through it, but it’ll be the first book finished in April instead. Hopefully I’ll do better this month with the list of books I want to read.

Since I’m still just starting out, I don’t have much to talk about when it comes to March accomplishments but I DID break 40 followers!! And I would like to take this moment to thank you guys for reading my posts, tagging me in games (I swear I’ll catch up on those this month), & being an all-around wonderful group of people. I am loving it here & loving you!!

Now onto the books I read in March & the books I plan to read in April!~

Finished in March:

Feel free to check out my reviews on these books right here on my blog!! Click the titles to get to their specific posts. I’m still pretty new to writing in-depth reviews, so they might not be amazing, but I think I’m getting better! Practice makes permanent, as my orchestra teacher in high school used to say.

*I read this one to a sweet 3 year old & wrote a serious review on GoodReads. Feel free to click the title to read it. Her parents laughed when I told them about it. She was difficult to read to so I’m counting it towards my goal!

Started in March, Finish in April:

I got to 80% in Demonglass before midnight hit. I meant to finish it before the end of the month, but I did not do as well as I had hoped. But I am still 5 books ahead of schedule for my reading goal of 50 for the year, so I won’t beat myself up about it!

To read in April:

I actually started listening to The Martian at work a couple hours ago. I work freight during the night shift so I spend a lot of time putting up stock & we can listen to headphones while we do it. It’s perfect for audiobook listening! My good friend Michael gave it to me, & I thought it might be a better way for me to fully enjoy the book as I hear it has a ton of math & legit science in it & I can be easily confused with things like that.

I am not the smartest person in the world, let me be honest. But so far I am LOVING IT. Mark’s sense of humour is fantastic & it’s extremely believable. Andy Weir did a ton of research to be authentic to the science & it shows. It’s amazing.

Obviously this list also includes the books I started in March but haven’t finished yet. So we’ve got about 6 books for me to read in April! Hopefully I can finish at least those first 3 relatively soon. If I’m able to get through ALL THESE BOOKS, I am going to start Illuminae. I’ve had it since it came out & everybody’s reading it right meow, & I have GOT to catch up! I read the first chapter or so, but not seriously. That’s gonna change.

Personally, though:

On the personal side of things, March was exciting. I started my new job, got a new tattoo, & we’ve been planning our 2nd trip to Japan, my husband & me. We actually leave super early in the morning on April 30th. I am psyched. We have all our hotels booked, our Japan rail passes, & most of what we want to do all scheduled. Honestly, I might get lots of reading done on the planes, but there will probably be very little while we’re actually on vacation.

But for anyone interested, I WILL be trying to make regular posts while we’re in Japan about our trip! I’m hoping at least a couple nights that week I’ll have the energy to share what we saw, what we did, & even pictures! We’re visiting Mt. Fuji, Aokigahara, Osaka, Kyoto, Akasuka, Harajuku, & we’re going to HOPEFULLY be able to go to the Ghibli Museum! Tickets can be difficult to get sometimes, & we were in Japan on a blackout week during our honeymoon back in 2014, so we missed out.

So watch out for that!
We’ll be out & about (in planes & in Japan) from April 30th to May 8th.

So close, yet so far.

How was your guys’ March?
Do anything exciting?
Plans for April?
Tell me all about it!

April is going to be awesome. I’m sure of it.



6 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up & April TBR

  1. I really need to finish the Dorothy Must Die series! I really enjoyed the first book. I also started reading The Martian but was in too much of a reading slump to continue it, but what I read was great and I’m hoping to pick it back up soon. Also, if you get to Illuminae I hope you love it!! And that’s so exciting about your Japan trip!! I hope you have an amazing time ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You totally do! It’s honestly one of my faves. I love what Paige has done with Oz so much. & it keeps getting better.

      I can see how The Martian wouldn’t help a reading slump, even when you’re liking it. A little dense with science & such. You’ll come back to it in time & it’ll be awesome!

      If I don’t get to it in April it is def going on my May tbr & you can definitely expect a review! Cause I review everything these days. So I can get better at them :3

      Japan is going to be amazing. It was last time, I don’t see how it wouldn’t this time. So excite!! 😀


  2. Congratulations on a good reading month, and on breaking 40 followers! And I hope you enjoy The Martian — the book was a bit too sciencey for me (equations and numbers just fly over my head) but I loved the movie, and I think the whole concept was just pure fun. And I haven’t read Illuminae either. I’m not sure if I’m still planning to, but I hope you enjoy it! Looking forward to hear your thoughts.

    And yaaay to Japan! I’m actually leaving for Japan in about a week with my best friends, and I’m super stoked as well — no reading to be done while there, though. We’ll also be going to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, hoping to make it to USJ for the Harry Potter world there. Hope you have fun!

    Here’s my March wrap-up, if you’re interested. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so awesome!! You’ll have to let me know any cool places you find so I can possibly check em out when I go! 😀 That is so wicked.
      Yea, the science is…..dense. But listening to it instead of actually reading it really helps it not feel so daunting. Especially since I don’t have to try to pronounce anything! hahaaaa I LOVED the movie so much. Matt Damon was awesome as Whatney. They did such a good job.

      I will definitely be sure to write up a post about Illuminae if I ever make it! I have so many unread books, it’s ridiculous. But so is the life of a book nerd.

      Thank you for the nice words & the follow!! I will most definitely be checking out your wrap-up & everything!! 😀


      1. I will! I actually just got off the internet after buying of USJ tickets — HARDEST TICKETS TO BUY ever, I swear, especially since the website’s all Japanese and turning on the translator disables certain functionalities and I don’t speak a word of Japanese… haha. But that’s done, so thank GOODNESS.

        The Martian movie was SUCH a feel-good movie to me, even though the premise makes it seem so serious! I agree that Matt Damon was awesome. 🙂

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