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The Only Pirate At The Party Review

25330544My Rating:  4/5 Stars
About:  The Only Pirate At The Party
Written by:  Lindsey Stirling & Brooke S. Passey

My Review: This is the second non-fiction book I’ve read this year! I’m pretty proud of that. I basically never read NF books. But when it comes to my favourite performers, I apparently can’t say no. Now I just need a Taylor Swift biography. Oh the things I would do to read about her life. She’s the best.

Lindsey Stirling, if you haven’t heard, is an electric violinist & dancer. Doing both things at once like, all the time! I wish I had that kind of talent. I don’t. I can barely play the violin! Though I think I do pretty well for someone who learned through the public school system. I prefer playing the viola, though. But I digress.

The book!! Yes. The book.

The Only Pirate At The Party is Lindsey’s autobiography. It goes over her humble beginnings, her YouTube days, touring, & a whole bunch of other things! Ya know, like biographies are usually about. It comes with a few glossy colour pages in the middle filled with a bunch of pictures from different places. Concerts & friends & family & things! They’re cute.

If you’ve ever seen an interview of hers or watched any of her videos on her YouTube channel, then you can imagine how it’s written. Her personality colours every word on every page. It’s fun & really easy to get lost in. It’s a nice read for me, especially, cause we’re only a little over a year or so apart in age, so a lot of things she had or went through as a kid were things that I also experienced!! Similar music, toy crazes, fashion scenes. Growing up in the 90’s, man. I tell ya!!

There are some really personal & heartbreaking moments in this novel where you really feel for her & what she’s overcome. The chapter on her struggles with anorexia were a little difficult to read, I’m not gonna lie. Not necessarily due to anything graphic or anything like that but because of how hard it can be to hear about somebody’s battles with mental illness. I’m pretty sure I cried a couple times. During those chapters & any time Gavi was mentioned. He passed away before the book was published, but after it was written. It’s sad reading about how she hoped she’d never have to replace him, then reading the small memorial for him at the end of the book. So many tears, guys.

You should know going in that her religion is a big part of her life, & she mentions it (and god) multiple times throughout this book. There is a whole section about the time she went on a mission for her church. I always knew she was Mormon, but I never knew that she had done missionary work. It was an interesting chapter & I have to give her props. It can be hard to do things like that when so many people don’t much care for people coming up to them to talk about religion out of the blue. I could never do it. I don’t have that kind of bravery. At all.

If any of these topics make you uncomfortable at all, it might be best to avoid reading this one. But if you love Lindsey Stirling’s music or are just ridiculously interested in biographies about celebrities & the like, I definitely recommend it! It’s relatively short, well-paced, & oddly addictive. It was interesting to read about all that she’s accomplished in such a short amount of time, not letting failure get her down for too long, & making it big through YouTube! It’s such an amazing platform these days. It’s doing great things for independent artists & the like.

Who needs America’s Got Talent, anyway?


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