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The Creeping Review

Creeping CoverMy Rating:  4/5 Stars
About:  The Creeping
Written by:  Alexandra Sirowy

My Review:  When I saw this at the store last October, I read the premise & threw it in my cart (& by threw, I mean gently placed. I am not an animal!). I love me a good mystery/thriller, and this sounded like it would be plenty creepy for Halloween. But then I read it 5 months later instead, because my TBR pile is multiple bookcases, & it’s ridiculous. I have no self-control.

The Creeping is awesome! The writing started off a little weak, but got immensely better within the first couple chapters. I found myself genuinely interested in what happened to Jeanie & a million ideas ran through my head as the story unfolded. One minute I’m thinking I’ve figured it out, then things get all turned around. Sirowy really knows how to build suspense, that’s for sure.

The characters were well written, though I still have a serious love/hate relationship with Stella’s friend Zoey. OMIGAWD IS SHE A BITCH. But she’s also a good friend…most of the time? She’s definitely got multiple layers. She seems very self-absorbed, but is also mostly there for Stella when she needs her. I loved the interactions between Stella & Sam. They are adorable. There’s a little bit of a love story happening behind all the mystery, & I actually liked how it played out, though I didn’t expect it in a novel like this. It, like the rest of the story, played out slowly but steadily & it felt right. True to life.

The ending of this book was not what I expected going in, but it was great. Seriously, did not see that coming.

If you enjoy a good creepy mystery, thriller, or horror novel, then I highly recommend picking this one up! You won’t be disappointed.


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