Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Joined BlogLovin’ to add one more way for people to read my posts!! Some people don’t have WordPress but like to read WP blogs. Can’t hurt, right?

I’ll also be going ahead & following whoever I can through BL as well. The more platforms the better, right?

I just might need to go ahead & make a new email address specifically for blogging…

Also, if anybody has any tips on using Bloglovin’ or anything, please feel free to share! I’m still very new to the blogging world, & any help is greatly appreciated.


2 thoughts on “BlogLovin’

    1. Ughh apparently doesn’t support the BL widget so I can’t add it to my sidebar like I wanted to lol

      Imma add it to my About Me page. Hopefully it works there. ♡♡


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