A Bibliophile’s Confession

Guys. I promised myself that I’d cut back on buying books. I have a TBR Jar filled to the BRIM. My shelves are PACKED (I have 2 Ikea Billy bookcases, 12 shelves total, where only 4 shelves are being used for things other than books). And let’s not get started on the amount of books on my kindle right now…. (it’s over 500)

BUT WHO CARES!!! Who cares if I’ll probably never read all these books? Who cares if I have zero space in my apartment? WHO CARES if I lose all my money to these guys? I love them. The look, the smell, the feel of books. I am a quintessential bibliophile. I have a legit obsession with books, with the way they make me feel. Just being around them, having them, is a comfort.

But let’s be honest, I might have spurts where I read nothing & just play games for weeks (I’m a gamer, man, it’s gonna happen), but I will never not read books for longer than that. I can’t do it. I’m sure you understand. Even if it’s just a chapter or 2 a week, there will be reading.

Book buying bans are apparently not a thing I can do. There’s always a new novel I can’t wait to have in my hands. This month it’s Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige, the 3rd full novel in the Dorothy Must Die series. It comes out on the 15th, you think I’m going to wait until I actually make a dent in my TBR pile to buy it? OF COURSE NOT!! It’s already been pre-ordered on Amazon. It gets here Tuesday. I feel zero shame.

So, over the weekend, I purchased a total of 13 books. Some of which have not gotten here yet as they were purchased online. I went with my friend Megan (pitchblacksky) to a cool place in her area where they were doing a giant book swap, with books being sold for $1.00. EACH!! You tell me how you could say no to coming home with a ton of books in a place like that. And we even had coupons for 1 FREE book with our visit! Like kryptonite, that place is.
10/10 would TOTALLY go again.

As soon as my other books arrive, I will be doing a book haul post. How could I not? I have zero shame & would love outside opinion on what you guys think about the books I got! So, if you’re interested, STAY TUNED!!! It’s gonna be a fun week.


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